CoSE Inc. Leadership Team

The leadership team of CoSE Inc., a Benefit Corp at the SPARK in Madison, Wisconsin.

CoSE’s homebase is in Madison, Wisconsin but our network is global.

We build scientific research tools for professional and research scientists, citizen scientists and student scientists.

Dr. Richard Barker (CoSE CEO)

Richard is a University of Wisconsin-Madison researcher investigating plant responses to spaceflight using custom imaging platforms and cloud-based data analysis. He currently is a Co-Investigator on three NASA grants and has been involved in the launch of multiple AstroBotany experiments on the International Space Station (ISS). He has 10 years of experience working on imaging platforms and cloud-based data analysis.h.

Jerry Miao (CoSE Chief Engineer)

After training in the Gilroy AstroBiology Lab Jerry studied Computer Science at the UW and gained a passion for building novel biological imaging tools. He has extensive experience in Embedded Systems, imaging processing, and 3D-Printing, with which has won multiple awards at UW hackathons and startup competitions. He is responsible for the fabrication and programming of the initial batch of Flashlapse devices used at the UW Plants and Robots summer science camps at the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery. He won first place at first WARF education StartUp WeekEnd in 2016 using the original FlashLapse.

Travis Tangen, M.S., M.S. (CoSE Chief Learning Officer)

Travis has 24+ years experience in science education research and teaching. He is a national leader in public engagement with science programs. Travis is also the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) education & outreach manager at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery and is the Emperor of Ingenuity of the Timothy William Trout Education Innovation Lab.

Dr. Simon Gilroy (CoSE Chief Science Officer)

Simon is a Professor of Botany at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a NASA and NSF funded researcher and international leader in plant cell biology with 20+ years experience in plant stress research and microscopy.

You can find a list of Simon’s recent publications here.

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