• Do you dreaming of solving the issues of tomorrow today?
  • Have you ever dreamed of an experiment that was too big for you to conduct? 
  • We at CoSE understand that some of the biggest challenges humanity need a large team of awesome individuals to be solved.
  • We are striving to create a uniform platform that democratizes scientific research globally.
  • Providing high quality and affordable research tools designed to operate in research labs, K-12 classrooms, technical colleges, and universities while parsing these data to world class scientists.

The CoSE SciSpinner Max 3D Clinostat is being used in research settings from coast to coast in the United States.

Interested: Pre-order form for the CoSE SciSpinner Max 3D Clinostat

CoSE SciSpinner Max 3D Clinostat – an intro by CoSE Chief Engineer Jerry
CoSE SciSpinner Max Spec Sheet

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