SciSpinner MAX 3d Clinostat


CoSE SciSpinner MAX provides an outstanding platform for microgravity research.

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Welcome to the future of microgravity simulation. 

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Advanced Modular Mounting System

Customize and add different functions to your SciSpinner MAX 3D Clinostat with ease. Enhance your experimental design with dual voltage power, 4kcameras, LEDs, and more.

Enhanced Drivetrain

Motors fine-tuned and 

SciSpinner MAX

optimized for low RPM applications. Advanced Digital driver offers decimal grade precise speed 

control. AutoGain Control depending on the load.

Feature List

  • RPM Range: 0.3-15RPM
  • NoIR Imaging Module Stills: 3280 X 2464px
  • NoIR Imaging Module Video: 1080P@30fps, 480p@90fps
  • Lighting Module: IRLEDs, RGBLED, UVLED(developing)
  • SensorModule: 9-DOF gravity / rotation /acceleration sensor
  • Dual Voltage power: 5v and 12v routed to the core
  • Extension Cable: Up to five meters
  • Incubator Safe:37°C and 95%humidity

Intuitive and flexible user interface controls

Sample Holders

  • 60mm petri dish (Imaging)
  • 60mm petri dish stack
  • 120mm petridish (Imaging)
  • 120mm petri dish stack
  • 96 well petri dish
  • 1 T25flask (center of rotation)
  • 12 T25 flasks (balanced)
  • 1 T75 flask (center of rotation)
  • 4 T75 flasks (balanced)