CoSE SciSpinner MAX 3d Clinostat support

Welcome to the CoSE SciSpinner Max 3d clinostat



We are excited to support your research with the SciScpinner MAX 3d Clinostat. The intro video shows a sneak peek of some of the functions of the instrument; your 3d clinostat is an upgraded model (potentially with custom features) so some information will not be relevant.


Your CoSE instrument is designed with the user in mind. Above is a basic assembly to give an overview of the process. Since most SciSpinner MAX 3D Clinostats are unique we will arrange an online custom setup meeting to help support your assembly and on-boarding with the equipment. We are here for you so please make the connection and check your inbox for an email from a member of our engineering department. Please reach out to CoSE Chief Engineer Jerry Miao (jerry at if you have not received information via email to help setup your CoSE SciSpinner MAX 3d Clinostat.